Wallbrook Wilem

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Meet Wallbrook Wilem - the Fabulous Friesian Warmblood!

At the 2008 Royal Hobart Summer Horse Show. Photos by Nadeen Davis

What is a Friesian Warmblood?
A "Friesian Warmblood" is a horse which is at least 25% Frieisian. Wilem is registered with the Australian Friesian Warmblood Horse Society (AFWHS). The Friesian gives beauty, loving temperament and stunning movement when crossed with other breeds. The Friesian Warmblood is a beautiful, athletic, versatile horse suited to many activities.

Above: with Rider/Trainer Amanda Massie

Below: Dodges Ferry Horse Show Jan 2007

So what's a Friesian?


This is Wilem's sire, purebred Friesian stallion Othello, owned by Black Minx Stud (photo: Julie Wilson)

The Friesian horse comes from Friesland in the Netherlands. They are all-black with flowing manes, tails and feathering on the legs. Their extraordinary beauty, magificent upright carriage, flowing extravagant movement, and gentle temperaments have made the Friesian many friends around the world. You might recall the magnificent Friesian stallion in the movie Ladyhawke. The movie is well worth a look if you haven't seen it.


Last updated 21 April 2007